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Vira Supplies Limited Partnership was established in AC 1968, as an importer of precision optical instruments, such as photographic equipments, land sea and arieal  surveying instruments, audo-visual equipments, microscopes , astronomical telescopes, etc..

As time goes by, we are now a small company, limiting our activity to audio-visual equipments, mainly for auditorium and class-room, or can be said CORPORATE A/V.  We mainly import visuao installation gears, such as projector mounts and lifts, LCD monitor lifts, TV lifts, wall, signal socketswall plate, floor pop-up, desktop pop-up, etcs.

Even then, we still maintain our professional standard, which is hard to find in Thailand now a day.

Vira Supplies Limited Partnership
81-83 Chalermketr Lane 1, Chalermketer Road,Watdebsirintr Area, Pomplab Satrupai District,Bangkok 10100
Tel: 66 2 221 1424 | Fax: 66 2 224 9237 | e-mail :